Good music has been a deep part of me since before I can remember, and I would like to think that when the morning stars sang together, I was there lifting up my voice in song. Strong melody and harmony intrigue me, and more defining is my passion for the word of God. Its teachings are who I am.

Adversity, God's bounty and family have shaped my life more than anything else. My journey as an artist / songwriter is really part of my journey in life - to do God's will and do it well. That purpose influences everything I do.

From an early age, music was to have important role in my life. I received my first music player at age three after some surgery, my first performance that same year. Good music was then and has continued to be an uplift and comfort in my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity God has given me to touch others that way.

I believe about songwriting what Michelangelo believed about sculpting - For me, a song is a musical stone with a message all its own, my job to clear away what is not part of the song so the message can be revealed. For me, the message is God's, and I a grateful messenger.

Being an Artist / Songwriter is an accountability I don't take lightly. For me, it is a trust with God as well as with each person who listens to something I've written or am singing. Grateful for that trust, and something I commit to everyday.



     Loaves & Fishes CD
30+ National / International Awards and Recognitions
     For Loaves & Fishes Original Songs

      •  USA Songwriting Competition
      •  Song of the Year Songwriting Competition
      •  Billboard World Song Contest
      •  International Acoustic Music Awards
      •  National Association of Christian Artists and Songwriters
         Songwriting Competition
      •  Gospel Music Association American Bible Society
         Songwriting Competition
      •  Gospel Music Association Academy Artist Competition
      •  Unisong International Songwriting Competition
      •  American Idol Underground Competition
      •  American Idol Magazine
      •  John Lennon Songwriting Competition
      •  United Kingdom Songwriting Contest
      •  Winter Olympics, Olympic Village

     Education - Berklee College of Music
Summa Cum Laude Graduate, B.Mus, Songwriting
     Vince Gill Songwriting Award